Code of Ethics

I will publish my work so as to receive feedback both negative and positive. All feedback helps me to grow as a person and as an illustrator.

I will listen to my clients, I will guide them and explain the entire design process

I will never plagiarize the work of others; I will always reference the original author if I choose to use their work.

My morals are not negotiable at any price.

I aim to deliver my work within the estimated times and will report any unforeseen delays to the client immediately.

I choose to face the consequences of my errors head-on and rectify any issues that arise.

I will always continue to study to adapt and improve my technical skills, to software and different methods.

I will work closely with my clients, listening, guiding and explaining the entire design process.

I will always be myself. 100% honesty with both the client and myself. I will adapt to requests brought forward without compromising who I am.