Graphic Design

Real Clients

This Logos are been created for two clients; Deniel Cherry & Yasai Crochet

Logo Design

I did a few logo designs over the years, on this page you can see different projects. 

Design - Andrea Noca

Re-Branding project

This is a rebranding full website design for "ciudad animal". You can see how the logo used to look like and how it looked after the re-branding

Design - Andrea Noca

T-Shirt Design

I created this t-shirt design for on a friend request.

Design - Andrea Noca

Re-Brandign Design

This is a full rebranding of the brand Pizza Hut.

Done for a univeristy project.

Design - Andrea Noca

Re-Branding Design

This is a full rebranding of the game The movies.

Done for a univeristy project.

Design - Andrea Noca

Design for ipad and phone cover

This is a full project of how the famous paint "Las meninas" can be turned into something so actual as "game of thrones" and been converted into a cover case.

Design - Andrea Noca

Design Friendly packaging

This is a full project of how a packaging can be done all from reusable and disposable materials and turn into something funny and cute.

Design - Andrea Noca


I created my own typography fully from scratch.

Design - Andrea Noca

Web Design

On the past 4 years, I did I full rebrandind on two different websites.

Design - Andrea Noca



Ciudad Animal


Hombre Bala


I did some Editorial Design also,

As for example newsletter design.

Do not hesitate to contact me to discuss a possible project or learn more about my work. LET'S WORK TOGETHER

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